Imagine it’s the last night before “World’s End” (2012). Your OTP just have a crush on each other and have not confessed their feelings yet. B says that they “don’t want to die alone” as confession but A comes up at the same time that they “don’t want to die without having sex for the last time” B is flustered but they spend the whole night having the most sweet and intimate “last” sex ever. They fall asleep looking at each other with a smile. Next morning, your OTP wakes up late to find out awkwardly that nothing has happened.


my favourite thing about the ghost of you video is that when mikey dies gerard shows about seven different moments, in a matter of seconds, and his acting is basically oscar worthy it’s so good

and when it pans to ray it’s just


well fuck

also it’s been at least 2 weeks and i’m sTILL annoyed by the fact that heath vs zack was on superstars instead of raw

Zack Ryder's butt is best butt. Pass it on.

i really miss 3mb tonight idk why

Dean Ambrose: *holding dummy seth's severed arm*
Dean Ambrose: *hitting dummy seth with arm*
Dean Ambrose: why you hittin yourself
Dean Ambrose: why you hittin yourself
Dean Ambrose: why you hittin yourself


tune into to wwe hell in a cell on october 26th to see dean ambrose commit murder live




Seth looks different


When Bray Wyatt comes back.

I am in desperate need to see him face off with Dean.

They are the two best well rounded young up starts this business has.

Explosive promos.

Psychological mind games.

Brutal and bloody matches.

The feud of the fucking year.